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"Design Windows" An Experience of Design, Learning & thinking

September 19-20, 2020

"Design Windows" An Experience of Design, Learning & thinking : An Introductory Program on Design Thinking for Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee by National Institute of Design Haryana.

Design, Design, Design! An Introductory program on Design Thinking was organised and conducted through online mode by National Institute of Design Haryana (NIDH) for Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IITR) group of professors, research scholars. Ms. Surabhi Khanna, Faculty NIDH, who coordinated this program and also conducted a session on Design Process, says that “Design Windows” was planned to bounce discussion on Design in today’s context and to illustrate how learning through design is still a fresh approach. Variety of sessions related to Design on history, process, industrial design, management, systems, visual thinking, innovation management were conducted. These were through presentations as well as hands on activities! Ms. Jayati Singh, associate Faculty, NIDH, who was a part of the planning team mentioned that participants were very active and speakers had an interactive session. Director NIDH, Dr. Vanita Ahuja, who had initiated a formal collaboration with IITR in March 2020, said this program was the first one to establish that between the two institutions there is a harmonious and exciting exchange of ideas and activity and thought for future. Design Windows looks into a bright view and brings various perspectives. Kurukshetra city has seen that Design has been actively growing as a positive profession in the region and with this Online Program for a reputed institution, NIDH establishes that it indeed has a vision of providing excellence in education and profession of design. Participants of IITR were delighted with the variety of sessions.

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