Nitin Vishwakarma

Communication Design

Mr. Nitin Vishwakarma is a Visual Communication Designer with 19+ years of professional experience. He has rendered his services for Print, Publication and Digital Media.

He is a graduate from College of Art, Delhi University with BFA in Applied Arts. A gold medalist in his Master’s program in Visual Art (Communication Design). He also hold a first class grade in his Post Graduate course in New Media Design from world renowned Sheridan Institute of Technology, Canada.

He has worked with over 100 clients from different industry verticals across the globe including prestigious names like hp, Compaq(hp), Airtel, Tata Automation Limited, Club Mahindra Travel, World Health Organization, Ontario Health Association, Merc (Canada), O&M (Canada), Sony Playstation (US), Hitachi (US), Fujistsu (US), Bama Industries (Norway), Stem Cell Research Institute (Norway), Pangea3 (Thomson Reuters), Marine Solutions, Bharti Foundation (Bharti Group), FieldFresh (Bharti Group), Clairvolex(US, India), State Bank of India (Canada), India Health Action Trust (IHAT), Uttar Pradesh Technical Support Unit (UPTSU) and others.

He has worked in India, US and Canada. He has been teaching various subjects in design in his academic associations with Universities and Institutes like Banasthali University, Amity University, Manipal University, Rajasthan University and Woxen University.

His areas of expertise are Branding, Design strategies for Digital Marketing, User Interface Design (UX), Photography, Illustrations, Web Technologies (PHp, MySQL, HTML, CSS), Content Management System Integration (Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress), Digital Product Development Strategies and Deployment.

He has been the lead designer and the animator to launch India’s first multimedia website for kids aged 0-5 years in the year 2000.