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The Textile and Apparel Design discipline strives to develop innovative and synergistic approaches to design for diverse sectors of the textile and apparel industry, markets and social sector.


Creative explorations from concept to prototype are encouraged. The curriculum emphasizes on building a variety of skills, in combination with theoretical knowledge and practical applications.The program commences with the fundamentals of textile and apparel design. This includes textile fibres,weave structure, surface design, dyeing techniques,

printing methods, sewing techniques, constructed textiles and basic inputs in garment design. Through increasingly complex design projects, complemented by related social sciences, fashion, trends, brand identity, technology and computer-aided design, students are encouraged to design textiles for the textile, apparel, furnishing industry and the craft sector.


The program includes several interdisciplinary projects of designing textiles and apparel for Public Spaces/Exhibition/Interiors and for the Automobile Industry.

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